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ABOUT Association of Landscape Architecture – Poland

Association of Landscape Architecture – Poland (ALA) was established in November 2004. ALA members are landscape architecture designers and  green area constructors.

Mission of the Association of Landscape Architecture – Poland

The Association’s mission is to protect and support the professional interests of landscape architects. Our initiatives focus on three main goals:

  • raising standards of landscape architecture both design or construction,
  • education of landscape architects and other participants of the investment process,
  • promotion of the landscape architect profession and opportunities for cooperation in interdisciplinary teams.

Goals of the Association of Landscape Architecture – Poland:
ALA works to protect and promote the interests of professional landscape architects. Our goals are:

  • popularization the profession of the landscape architect and introducing legal regulations by establishing a chamber of landscape architecture
  • promotion of good project implementations and recommendable landscape contractors
  • promoting standards of landscape architecture design and landscape construction
  • actions to improve quality of the landscape, including the promotion of landscape architecture designs,
  • initiating cooperation between professional and academic environments.

Association of Landscape Architecture – Polandis the sole Polish organization associated in European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) and European Foundation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA).

Members of the Association of Landscape Architecture are natural persons, involved in landscape architecture industry:
– designers and documentation authors
– contractors of green areas
– scientists and teachers
– officials and administrative staff

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